Established over 50 years ago.

AEI Systems is a UK BSI quality approved company, supplying weapon systems and military aircraft spares to customers around the world.
  • ASPEN 30
    ADEN 30
    ADEN 30mm Aircraft cannon
  • NSN 1005-99-964-2620
    Electrical Firing Unit L1A1
    NSN 1005-99-964-2620
  • NSN 1005-99-962-9197
    Safety unit
    NSN 1005-99-962-9197
  • NSN 1005-99-961-5883
    Electrical firing unit
    NSN 1005-99-961-5883
  • BAE Systems Hawk Trainer
    Aircraft weapon support
    ADEN 30mm, DEFA 30mm, M39
  • Spiggot
    Aircraft spares
    Design Maintain & Manufacture
  • 12.7mm Buffered Mount by AEI Systems
    Naval weapon mounts
    20mm, 12.7mm & 7.62mm
  • AE20-NM
    HS804 20mm Cannon & Mount
  • INSPEKTA 30mm cannon
    INSPEKTA 30mm cannon
    30 x 173 mm Gas operated cannon
  • Barrel manufacture
    Barrel manufacture
    12.7mm - 105mm barrel manufacture
  • AE20-VM2
    HS804 20mm cannon & mount
  • SA30 7.62 mm rifle
    STA-30 Tactical weapon - 7.62mm

Design Excellence

AEI specialise in the design, manufacture, test and support of a wide range of small to medium calibre military weapon systems for air, sea, land and dismounted soldier applications.

Conveniently located

Working from a modern office and factory complex in Ascot, Berkshire, AEI Systems is conveniently located close to the M3, M4 and M25 motorways and London Heathrow airport.


Utilising modern Computer Aided Design (CAD), Simulation, Project Data Management (PDM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. AEI Systems responds promptly to customer demands for new and innovative solutions and delivers new and ‘off the shelf’ products in a timely manner. .


Renowned for aircraft cannon knowledge and expertise, AEI Systems is the Design Authority and ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ to BAE for the ADEN 30mm Gun system as installed in the Hawk advanced trainer aircraft.

Through Life Support

Obsolescence management and continual product improvement has given rise to a new ‘high rate of fire’ revolver cannon. The ASPEN 30, with blast suppression, improved recoil systems and gas regulation catapults this ADEN 30 variant into the 21st century.

Numerous other aircraft weapon types are supported; M39, M134, M61 and DEFA to name just a few.