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AE20-NM-2 Naval Mount

AEI Systems’ latest HS804 20mm Naval Mount (AE20-NM-2) replaces the basic AE20-NM 20 mm Naval Mount.

  • Armox Advance ballistic Steel shields to STANAG 4569 Level 1,
  • ±15° horizontal ballistic protection from Point of Aim,
  • Gun enclosed for weatherproofing
  • Barrel aligned recoil buffers for improved accuracy
  • Greater harness adjustability
  • Stainless Steel & high strength Aluminium Alloy construction
  • 30° oblique shielding offers greater ballistic protection,
  • Flash hider for reduced visible signature
  • Spent cartridge case collection (60 rounds)
  • Picatinny / STANAG 4694 Accessory Rail – Iron & Optical sight options
  • New ‘lever’ type weapon cocking mechanism
  • Identical deck mounting interface with obsolescent Naval Mount AE20-NM.

The AE20-NM-2 is a crew-served 20mm Naval Mount offering improved reliability and operability demanded by arduous sea borne conditions.
It is designed to accept the Hispano-Suiza type 804 20 mm cannon, of which AEI Systems has the largest worldwide stock of weapon spares.

Where the Customer demands ruggedness and reliability as the main criteria, rather than expensive and often unnecessary sophistication, the crew served
AE20-NM-2 Naval Mount offers an ergonomic and economical solution without sacrificing quality. It is highly effective against surface and air targets and is ideally suited as a main armament on patrol craft or secondary armament on larger vessels.

The HS804 is a gas-operated, reciprocating open bolt 20 mm weapon. The drum magazine holds up to 60 rounds of linkless ammunition

Product support

This rugged combination is backed by fast and efficient worldwide spares support from the substantial stocks held at AEI. A continuous development and production programme ensures product quality in accordance with AEI’s BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality approval.

AEI offers customers full in country/on ship installation, servicing and personnel training. Customers can also send their AE20-NM-2 (or A41/A) mounts and AEI-HS804 Cannon to AEI’s Ascot facility in the UK for repair/refurbishment.

Data specifications
Cannon TypeAEI-HS804
Calibre:20 mm
Rate of fire:620 to 720 rpm
Muzzle velocity:835 m/s (2,740 ft/s)
Range (max)5,700 m (6,234 yds)
Range (Effective)2000 m (2,187 yds)
Recoil force (max):4.5 kN (1,012 lbf)
Recoil force (mean):1.6 kN (369 lbf)
Mass of cannon (less magazine):42.8 kg (94.4 lbf)
Traverse arc:360° with adjustable arc stops
Elevation arc:-10° to + 50°
Swept radius:1.82 m at 0° elevation
Height:1.4 m from mount base to barrel centre line
Weight (mounting only):349 kg excluding weapon, feed drum and ammunition
TP & TP-TTarget practice (+ Tracer)
HE & HE-THigh explosive (+ Tracer)
HEI & HEI-THigh explosive incendiary (+ Tracer)
AP & AP-TArmour piercing (+ Tracer)
API & API-TArmour piercing incendiary (+ Tracer)
Training and Elivation

Manual by means of shoulder stocks and harness fitted to gun cradle.

Firing mechanism

Mechanical with selector for single shot, automatic and safe.

Gun sight

Ring and bead. Will also accept a selection of night vision sights and thermal imaging systems.

Data sheet

AE20 NM 2 1 th

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